Players Have Discovered A Destiny 2 Pokemon Reference In Iron Banner Map

One of the maps used for Destiny 2’s Iron Banner has something fairly special in it, as a Destiny 2 Pokemon reference has been sighted. The reference takes the form of a big rock that, at first glance, you might think is a Servitor. However, it’s actually a gigantic Poke Ball.

The Easter Egg is visible on the Iron Banner map known as Distant Shore, where a large circular rock is visible near some Vex constructs. You might mistake it for a Servitor at first glance, but the rock is actually partially red on top and white on the bottom, the unmistakably familiar color-scheme of a Poke Ball.

This isn’t the first reference to other games that’s been found in the Iron Banner. Observant players had previously noticed that when Lord Saladin commentates in Iron Banner matches, that he’ll occasionally go “DIE, DIE, DIE!” whenever a player gets a “We Ran Out Of Medals” medal. Considering Lord Saladin is voiced by Keith James Ferguson, who also voices Reaper in Overwatch, it’s undoubtedly intentional.

Along with the Destiny 2 Pokemon reference, Bungie is no stranger to putting various references in its games, whether it’s other Bungie games like Marathon or things like Firefly, GI Joe, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Starship Troopers. Overwatch and Pokemon are just the two most recent. Even Creative Assembly has previously gotten into the Overwatch references in Halo Wars 2, where winning three multiplayer games as Sergeant Forge will get you the “Heroes Never Die” achievement.

There’s likely a large number of other references to games out there in Destiny 2, so if the ones with Lord Saladin and the Destiny 2 Pokemon reference on the Distant Shore Iron Banner map have piqued your interest, maybe you should try and go about looking for some more references yourself, or try and find the reference on the Distant Shore map yourself.