The Nioh Complete Edition Will Not Be Running Denuvo Anti-Piracy

If you’re one of those players that’s waited to buy Nioh until the Nioh Complete Edition came out, you’re going to be in luck pretty soon. The Complete Edition will include every bit of DLC that was released for the game since it came out back in February of this year.

With the Complete Edition of Nioh coming out on the PC (as opposed to the original version which was Playstation 4 exclusive), some PC players may be thankful that the game won’t be shipping with Denuvo anti-piracy software, which helped to prevent piracy when the game came out on PC. However, there’s always the trade-off that the game will be made more vulnerable to pirates.

There hasn’t been a stated reason as to why the Nioh Complete Edition won’t be using Denuvo (though Denuvo has previously been criticized for making PC games harder to play even though it helps to keep pirates from obtaining the game illegally), but it’s sure to be a boon for PC players that were previously worried about the game.

Nioh is a Soulslike game from Koei-Tecmo where you take control of an Irishman named William who travels to Japan in pursuit of alchemist Edward Kelly, who has stolen his guardian spirit Saorise. While there he must save Japan from being overrun by demons and bandits, and must stop Kelly from summoning the spirit of Oda Nobunaga.

The game won high praise for its mechanics, combat, and use of Japanese folklore, and even though it was a Playstation 4 exclusive at first, PC gamers that want to play it can now do it on their PCs, and will also be able to play all of the different DLC without having to pay extra.

You’ll be able to pick up the Nioh Complete Edition for the PC on November 7.