Best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons PC Users Need to Know About

Destiny 2 is releasing on PC in a matter of hours and since the original never came to PC, it is safe to say that PC users do not know much about the experience. The best part about Destiny is its weapons, there is a wide range of weapons available to the Guardians.

Exotic weapons are the most powerful and useful when it comes to taking on bosses, Strikes, and Raids. The following article will discuss the best Destiny 2 exotic weapons that will come in handy during your time in Destiny 2.

Best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons

MIDA Multi- Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool is one of the best weapons in Destiny 2. It is most affected in PvP modes and is probably the most used weapon in PvP. Its popularity originates from powerful perks such as MIFA Radar that allows the radar to stay up during aim down sight. You can also use higher caliber rounds which is able to stunlock enemies in PvE modes.

While in the PvE mode, enemies you hit will suffer from recoil so they will have a hard time shooting back at you.


Merciless is the best fusion rifle in the game and its perks allow you to make it even deadlier. The best part about this weapon is that your next round will charge faster if your enemy isn’t dead with the first shot.

This means that each round is going to recharge faster, granted that you haven’t killed anyone. While this feature is very useful, keep in mind that it holds very little ammo so it burns out pretty fast. The good news is that it does a lot of damage.

It is useful against high-level bosses, best used in the Crucible and Raids. Merciless is also one of the best DPS weapons.

Vigilance Wing

It is a Pulse Rifle that is able to fire 5 rounds at a time compared to our traditional 3 round burst. The extra 2 bullets help with dealing more damage making this gun one of the best in terms of fire rate. Its Perks aren’t that great but they can help you in PvP. Perks allow you to increase weapon performance as well as get an HP boost when an enemy is killed.

The gun is without a doubt best used in PvP modes but it also proves to be very fundamental in PvE.


This is the best weapon for PvE but Bungie locked Coldheart behind Destiny 2 pre-order incentives. However, Coldheart will arrive in the game later this year. It is very different from other exotic weapons.

Coldheart shoots one long beam of energy, the longer the beam is aimed at an enemy the more damage you’ll cause.

Sweet Business

Titans in the PvE mode can bring the pain to your enemies. The gun itself isn’t a powerful but its perks and pairs make it a dangerous weapon. You can combine this with the Titan Barrier to reload your ammo and check piece War Rig (which shift the ammo from reserve to clip) and you can do some serious damage.

This means that you will never stop firing the gun; not until you are completely out of ammo.