Lag Report Goes Live for League of Legends, Compare Your Internet Connections With Others

It was last month when Riot Games announced a new service that would help players compare their internet connections with others to determine the best possible internet service providers for League of Legends in the locality.

The tool is called Lag Report and is now available for the community, having concluded a few rounds of testing in the past weeks.

Posting on the official website, Riot Games explained that the tool provides transparency into “the best ways people are connecting to League of Legends” in an area. The information obtained will help players make informed choices when it comes to their respective internet connections and network setups.

It works by aggregating data from billions of games played for League of Legends such as bandwidth, latency, spikes, stability, jitters, packet-loss, and more.

There are of course many other tools and services available online to do the same but Lag Report functions a bit differently.

“It’s not a minute-by-minute way to see your ping before entering a game, but it will give you a new vantage point to judge how good your connection is overall, and what to expect based on your past games,” Riot Games explained.

The developer believes that future attempts at services to test latency and pings will be more valuable because of the groundwork laid by Lag Report. In that light, the community can expect more improvements in the future. Who knows, maybe League of Legends will finally get an in-game indicator that points out the current ping before joining a match.