Vaulting and Climbing Test Servers Arrive for PUBG in Early November

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will spend the entirety of November to test upcoming content, features, and optimizations for the looming official release on Steam before the end of the year.

Posting in its Steam Community on the weekend, the developer announced that the first round of testing will begin in early November instead of later this month. Those who choose to participate will be able to try out the Vaulting and Climbing mechanics for the first time and offer their feedback in return.

Take note that the test servers will remain online for a “minimum of three days” before going offline to prepare for the next round of testing. The detailed schedule has been promised to be released sometime this week.

There are also several optimizations, bug fixes, and other improvements being worked on for PUBG. These will be pushed on the test servers, alongside the new content and features, as well.

Any update on the test servers normally arrives for the live servers in the following days. Due to complications, such will not happen for the testing being done in November. The content, features, optimizations, and any other update that arrives for testing next month will only go live when PUBG officially releases later this year.

“As we would like to go through rigorous testing to prepare for official launch, we will not be updating new content to live servers and run test servers for a longer period of time instead,” the developer stated last week.

The community is advised to participating in the upcoming testing phases in order to relay crucial feedback that holds great importance for the final release.