ELEX Companions Guide – Companions Locations, How to Recruit All Companions

ELEX Companions Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about finding potential Companions and how to recruit them to your cause. During the course of your journey through ELEX, you will come across several ELEX Companions whom you will be able to add to your team.

However, some of these ELEX Companions will require you to complete certain quests. In addition to this, you will also have to find them and speak to them before you could add them to your team.

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ELEX Companions Guide

In this ELEX Companions Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about recruiting all the different Companions in ELEX.

ELEX Companions Locations Guide

ELEX Companion – Duras

After meeting him at the very start of the game, you meet Duras Goliet – hotel’s ruins. After you are asked to solve Askor’s demise, you will come to know that Duras is the culprit. If you decide to stand with him, he will join you for good.

ELEX Companion – Arx

Unlike Duras, Arx does not require the completion of a quest or anything like that. You just need to find him near Domed City, speak to him, and he will join you in a heartbeat.

ELEX Companion – Falk

Just like Arx, Falk also does not require you to complete a quest. You just need to find him at the very top of the Converter in Edan. Once there, simply speak with him and he will join you instantly. As simple as that!

ELEX Companion – Nasty

Having Nasty join you as a companion requires some work. First, you need to find her in The Fort and complete Angry Girl quest. Since Nasty will ask you to defeat some monsters and El Colosaro, I recommend attempting this with a well-leveled character. Once you are done, you just need to see Nasty again and add her to your companions.

ELEX Companion – C.R.O.N.Y. U4

In order to add C.R.O.N.Y. U4, you need to complete A Half Defective Tin Can from the very start of the game or after seeing the drone in Goliet. Please do note that the said quest is difficult, therefore, prepare well.

ELEX Companion – Caja

You find Caja in Domed City. Once there, speak to her to start the Chosen quest. After you meet her at the Main Gate, ask her to join you and she will do so.

ELEX Companion – Ray

Ray in ELEX requires you to complete a quest after you meet him at Sandy Pines Motel. After you manage to complete A Handful of Shards quest, Ray will join you in your quests.

This is all we have in our ELEX Companions Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!