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EKWB RGB Reservoirs Come With 4-pin Connector That Make Them Compatible With Every Major Motherboard Manufacturer

With every PC component featuring RGB nowadays, the EKWB RGB reservoirs are not surprising. There are 3 in total and all of them come with 4-pin connectors that make them compatible with all major motherboards and RGB controllers. These come with integrated pumps for a one-stop solution for water cooling.

The EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM comes with a 140 mm tall and comes with an integrated pump that offers 15% better performance as compared to stock options, which is a good thing. The EKWB RGB reservoirs including this one can be fitted horizontally or vertically depending on your desire and also feature sleeved cables that should blend in with your build.

EK-RES X3 series reservoir is a stand-alone solution which features a cylinder design. The EK-RES X3 150 RGB and EK-RES X3 250 RGB reservoirs feature six G1/4″ ports so filling and emptying them will not be an issue. With these many ports, sorting out your loop should be a walk in the park. You can check out the images of the EKWB RGB reservoirs below:


Hardware manufacturers are pushing RGB as a feature and many people are giving in to the hype so I see no reason why cooling solution providers should not join the RGB hype as well. These EKWB RGB reservoirs are compatible with Aura RGB, RGB Fusion and Mystic light, so you are covered from all sides in terms of compatibility.

The 4 pin connector should be able to connect with your RGB controller and you can sync the lighting easily with the rest of your build. You can also check out the liquid cooling solutions for AMD RX Vega 56 and Vega 64.

These are premium products so you should not expect them to come cheap. The EK-RES X3 150 RGB costs 58.95€, the EK-RES X3 250 RGB costs 65.95€ and the EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM costs 155. 95€. Also, check out full cover water blocks for EVGA GTX 1080 and 1070 models.

Let us know what you think about these EKWB RGB reservoirs and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these.