Anthem Singleplayer Details Coming in the Near Future: BioWare

Anthem singleplayer details coming our way soon, according to BioWare. The developer behind games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and other titles is currently working on a new IP called Anthem. The title was revealed back at E3 2017 but alongside many details.

Now, BioWare dev is confirming the arrival of new information in the near future. The game seems to be focused more on the multiplayer aspects and appears to be BioWare’s take on Destiny. It made fans wondered how the developers are planning to handle the singleplayer mode.

Gamble also asked the community to keep their judgments at bay until they actually see the game. After some of the key members of BioWare’s development team left, it showed that focus in shifting to more monetizable games compared to singleplayer $60 experiences.

BioWare recently stated that they are actually very happy with Anthem’s story. In fact, they recently held a developer review meeting to show the latest build of the game and its internal reception was pretty positive.

Anthem is a sci-fi open world game that will feature an extensive multiplayer mode packed with PvP and coop aspects. Anthem singleplayer mode might just be the very last shot from EA at a proper story mode as the company seems to be moving toward a different type of monetization model.

Anthem is releasing sometime next year on Xbox One X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. There should also be support for PlayStation 4 Pro.