True End of Century RPG Teased By Sony on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

A new JRPG has been revealed by Sony on PlayStation Japan Youtube channel and it seems like nothing we’ve seen lately. True End of Century RPG will be a new title for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita and from what we can tell it looks a lot like Valkyria Chronicles.

The trailer description reads: “The world has ended. As for what remains…? A True End of Century RPG is born. All will be revealed on October 26, 2017.” as translated by Gematsu. Giving a post-apocalyptic scenery to the trailer is something we totally vote for.

True End of Century RPG trailer starts off with a red tank strolling through a post-apocalyptic sand-covered city while a female voice starts narrating:

“Several decades ago, when it was destroyed… at the hands of a nameless hunter… a cry of death… was sent all over the world using all possible lines of communication. Kill all of humanity.”

Kind of dramatic right? A picture of a bloodstained dead girl appears and then the trailer continues with a series of battle-vehicles roaming and of course, more ruins. At the end of the red tank’s trip, a red-headed guy enters the scene dual wielding and a voice (probably his) says the following:

“Just run away, hide, and wait to be killed. That life is over now! From now on, I’ll hunt you all!”

Even though there is still no more information about True End of Century RPG, it seems that it will be a first-party title since this channel is mostly used for this kind of Sony’s publications.

True End of Century RPG, seems to be having a cel-shaded anime-like environment and seeing those tanks can’t stop us from wondering if this is some kind of Nier Automata/Valkyria Chronicles mashup. At least that’s what it reminds us of.

In other news Sony has announced that a new PlayStation 4 controller for kids will be releasing soon, making it easier for children to be able to play PlayStation 4 games.

More information about this upcoming JRPG will be announced next week on October 26.