The Dota 2 Major in Hamburg Features a New Mercedes-Benz for the MVP

The recently announced Pro Circuit for Dota 2 continues on and will see Electronic Sports League (ESL) host the first major event of the season next week in Hamburg, Germany.

For those unaware, Mercedes-Benz is one of the premium sponsors of the tournament. The partnership involving the prestigious car manufacturer was revealed back in August but it was uncertain as to what kind of value the company would be bringing to the table.

It has been confirmed today that the fan-voted Most valuable Player (MVP) from the Dota 2 Major next week will be given a brand new Mercedes-Benz worth almost $60,000 in the market for absolutely free.

“To celebrate the event and its world-class players, the Most Valuable Player of ESL One Hamburg will be rewarded by our Premium Partner Mercedes-Benz,” the announcement reads. “The winner will be crowned right after the grand final, so be sure to stick around to see who will be 4 wheels richer by the end of the day.”

In accordance with the new tournament format, the Dota 2 Major in Hamburg will feature a prize pool of $1 million. The cash reward was already attractive enough for the participating players. There is now an even larger incentive to win the hearts of the community by giving the best performance possible.

Take note that the votes cast by fans for the MVP will be weighed against a separate panel in a 40 to 60 percent split. This is to ensure that the community does not abuse the system by voting for their favorite players instead of their performances. The panel will be filled with the on-site broadcast crew with talented individuals from the community such as Paul “Redeye” Chaloner, Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden, Owen “ODPixel” Davies, and more.

The voting will begin on October 26 and continue until the conclusion of the grand finals on October 29.