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TAC Pro One Is The First Ever Keyboard And Mouse Licensed For Xbox One

It was long known that Xbox One was getting an official Keyboard and Mouse support from Microsoft. As per the reports from Windows Central and K&M support is coming in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the first Microsoft approved keyboard and mouse were revealed from Hori, the TAC Pro One.

Hori is a famous brand known for making gaming gears, including the massively popular arcade fight sticks and gaming controllers specialized for precision-based versus fighting games. They revealed their TAC Pro One Keyboard & Mouse for Xbox One. The buttons don’t look like a full-sized keyboard but still is efficient enough to provide a specialized gaming experience.

TAC Pro One is specially licensed by Microsoft and gives the players a competitive edge over the standard controllers. The keypad incorporates thumb controls with an analog stick for smooth and accurate movements with over a dozen buttons on top to be configured as per your needs. You can check out the official promo for the Xbox One X here.

The aesthetics of the TAC Pro One are of mechanical grade and the design is super comfortable. It will almost feel organic and natural aligning with your fingers and thumbs when you hooked onto your seat playing a first-person shooter game. Yes the keypad will basically give you a next level edge in aiming and target seeking from a standard console analogue setup.

If you have ever noticed a PC gamer playing the same FPS game on a Keyboard and Mouse then compare it with aiming on the gamepad. You’ll notice a hell lot of a difference. That’s because Keyboard and Mouse are naturally and organically suited to aiming faster and accurately. Because the mouse involves actual hand movements and the keyboard offers more functional support spread across many buttons compared to an Xbox One console or any other for that matter.

There are 20 back lit LED buttons with mechanical switches, mouse comes with 3200 adjustable DPI support, Quick Button increases mouse sensitivity for faster reaction time, Snipe Button reduces sensitivity for precision aiming, Walk Button for precision movement, WASD or analog stick movement options, and more supported for the Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse TAC Pro One.

You can also learn about the Xbox One Fall Update which is out now.

Let us know what you think about the TAC Pro One keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One.