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Elex Traver Side Quests Guide: Sticky Fingers, Scrap Delivery, Heavy Loss

ELEX has a massive open world that contains a large number of activities including side quests. Side quests are divided into different regions and are going to offer rewards, loot, and opportunities for leveling up.

The following Elex Traver side quest guide features all the details you need to know in order to complete different side quests.

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Elex Side Quests Guide

Elex Traver Side Quest

Sticky Fingers

You need to find the medicine thief; trigger the quest by speaking with the doc at The Fort. Head over to the nightclub to speak with Cindy. You can offer her 50 Elexit or use suggestion to learn that Scrappy might be the possible suspect.

Scrappy is at the southern side of the Fort. Speak with him about the stolen meds and mention Cindy as the source. You can try advising him to not steal in such an obvious way, convince scrappy that he’s not a bad person, pay scrappy 200 Elexit for the meds, be aggressive, or let scrappy keep the meds which cancels the quest.

When you have the package, head back to the Doc.

Scrap Delivery

Find out why the junk shipments are late; trigger the quest by speaking with Mad Bob in The Fort.

Locate the Tower next to the Old Windfarm; speak with Ethan, you can get the information by fighting with him or by speaking with him in the right manner. He’ll tell you to go to a nearby Cleric Camp to the southwest from the Tower. Head inside the Old Factory and meet the leader of the group.

You will two options, attack him and get the junk to let him keep it. Go back to Bob if you manage to defeat the Clerics and get the junk. You can also lie about the Clerics if you allowed them to keep the junk or let Mad Bob the truth but he may start to suspect you. Still, you will be able to take quests from him.

Thief’s Hiding Place

You need to find Elexit deposits by climbing a lighthouse and taking on some enemies. Speak with Cindy at the Fort to Trigger the quest.

Head to the lighthouse at the edge of the southern side of the map. Use the drawbridge to reach the lighthouse but here you will face a handful of Cannabis led by Hopkins. Kill them all to complete different side quests called History Lesson.

You need to reach the top of the lighthouse, use the jetpack to get up there where you will find the bags of Elexit.

Heavy Loss

Help a Cleric get his weapon back from the camp of Cannibals. Speak with Volkmar in the Old Factory.

Head to the lighthouse at the edge of the map, south from The Fort. Cross the drawbridge to reach the camp of Hopkins. Attack them and kill everyone and find Jack at the same camp. Give him a beer if you wish and speak with to him about the weapon. Go back to Volkmar once done.

A Scattered Unit

You need to free Frank from the Outlaws; speak with Frank and Conrad to trigger the quest.

Head to the Duke’s Bunker and reach the basement, where the bomb is being developed. Speak with Conrad to get the location for Clerics’ base. Head east of The Fort by using the jetpack or by climbing. Speak with Hartmut and mention Frank, you can take 1000 Elexit from Hartmut to bail Frank out. You can give the Elexit to Duke Logan to free Frank or if Iron Madison died in the Life and Death quest from Cindy, you can go to Frank and tell him he is free.