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Elex Edan Side Quests Guide – Dangerous Goods, Exiled Unjustly, The Missing Man

ELEX has a massive open world that contains a large number of activities including side quests. Side quests are divided into different regions and are going to offer rewards, loot, and opportunities for leveling up The following Elex Edan Side Quests features all the details you need to know in order to complete different side quests.

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Elex Side Quests Guide

In this Elex Side Quests Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing all the available Elex Side Quests in the game.

Elex Edan Side Quests

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Dangerous Goods

The quest side will have you looking for weapons of murdered clerics and getting them back to someone in Goliet. The side quest is going to unlock automatically once you find at least one of the weapons. Explore the ruins during “Survive” main quest. However, you can also trigger the quest by speaking with Bertram, Jora, or Rijka.

You need to travel with Duras to come across large ruins and explore them as thoroughly as possible. Duras will ask you to look for five dead clerics in the ruins, accept the task, each of the bodies come with a weapon on it. Collect the weapon from each body

Head to Goliet and speak with Bertram who is interested in buying the weapons. You can sell him the weapons for 300 Elexit and 200XP. Bertram is the best option to sell the weapons to, Jora and Rijkit won’t pat you as much,

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Food Supplies

There are problems with food shipments to Goliet so you need to help the village clan leader. Speak with Sinda to Unlock the quest. Speak with Angrim of the Eisen clan to find out that the shipment was attacked by a troll. Come back to Sinda and give her the information to earn 200XP.

Sinda will than ask you to speak to Ragnar of the clan hooded Crows or Cormag of the clan Hammer. There is no point in speaking with Ragnar as he may not be very helpful so speak with Cormag who will only ask for a favor in return. Go to the Pit and ask to grab the item he wants. Finding the item will give you 200XP. Return to Cormag with the item before heading to Sinda to complete the quest. You will earn 800XP but allow Sinda to decide your pay and she will give you 500 Elexit.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – There is Always Something to Do!

The quest will task you with helping Irdor the Cultivator with getting food supplies necessary to protect the World Heart. To unlock the quest you need to speak with Ragnar in the Hotel Ruins of Goliet. Players can complete this quest to have a better relationship with Berserk faction.

Keep in mind that the quest will only trigger if you haven’t told him that you’re an Alb Deserter.

Irdor is looking for some food supplies; he needs to 50 Cultivator’s Loaf which you can get from Goliet. You can buy the items from Sinda’s store for 50 Elexit. However, she may not have 50 in stock you may need to return later once the stock is refreshed.

Irdor will give you 400XP while reporting to Ragnar will land you 200 Elexit and 400XP.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Searching for Clues

You need to track down Alb-Separatists; and from there you will have two options – kill or survive. You can speak with Hakon in Goliet to trigger this quest.

Hideouts for the Separatists are marked on your map. It is up to you how you handle the situation.  Killing Nezol gives you 700XP, Hakon will give you 400XP, 125 Elexit and a sword.

You can also give Hakon a false location or actually tell him where they are instead of killing yourself.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Elex for the Mana Shrine

You need to recover the shipment of Elex from Kral. Speak with Caldrim in Goliet to start the quest. Head over to the Hotel Ruins of Goliet and reach the balcony and find the Journal of Kral and read it. Return to Caldrim to get the location of Kral.

Go to the hideout marked on the map and enter the building. Kral is in one of the rooms and attack him before speaking with him to fulfill Caldrim’s request. You will be presented with other options such as speaking with him first to know his side of the story. You can convince him to give the Elex back or buy it from him from 400 Elexit.

You can also let him keep the Elex and return to Caldrim to tell him the truth or lie that you killed him but couldn’t recover the Elex.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Disappeared Without a Trace

After Stormson he found guilty by the Berserkers, you will be asked to find a certain man. Speak with Akira in Goliet to trigger the quest.

Akira will ask you to find Stormson; go with Angrim and he will explain the entire Stormson situation to you. Head far North to the place Angrim indicated. Here you will find dead bodies that you need to examine. Bring the details back to Angrim who will ask you to kill Stormson. You can deny or give the news to Akira.

Stormson is in The Hort which is the Cleric HQ in the east.

You can attack Stormson or let him live, it is up to you.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Elex Supplies

You need to go to the converter in Edan and locate the machine parts inside. Speak with Jora in Goliet to unlock the quest.

Go to the converter in Edan at the North West where you will find Albs and monsters. You need to be at least level 10 to face these enemies. You can speak with Korin near the Converter and ask him why he couldn’t recover the parts as well as promise him to locate his weapon. This is part of a separate side quest called Necessary for Survival.

Find the entrance where you will come across two Albs. You can kill or avoid them to enter the converter. Reach the elevators that will take you to the upper floors. The machine part is on one of the upper floors.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Departure to Foreign Lands

You need head over to other bigger cities and gather reports. Speak with Ragnar in Goliet. You can head over to Domed City, The Fort, and The Hort than coming back to Ragnar.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – The Missing Man

You need to find an NPC named Rock; you can bring him back to Berserkers or help him. Speak with Thorgal to trigger the quest.

North of the World Heart there is a small farm where you can find Rock. Speak with him and try convince him to come back, you can also get physical with him. The second option is to help him travel.

Elex Edan Side Quests Walkthrough – Exiled Unjustly

You need to help a woman named Katta to return to a village. Speak with Katta on Berserker Island.

Speak with Alrik in Goliet to come up with a plan to bring back Katta to the village. You will need to highlight the real culprit, Drog. Follow Alrik’s plan to complete the quest.

This is all we have in our Elex Side Quests Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!