Here Is Why Bungie Postponed Destiny 2 Trials Of The Nine Instead Of Disabling The Glitching Emote

Just recently, developer Bungie announced that it has postponed The Trials Of The Nine in Destiny 2 for two weeks due to a emote glitch. Following the announcement, the studio has faced criticism from the community for postponing the event instead of just disabling the emote and now Bungie has explained why it hasn’t done that.

Bungie community manager, Chris “Cozmo” Spencer explained in om Reddit’s Destiny forum that Bungie did consider disabling the emote that caused the glitch which allowed players to go through walls and get an advantage but, this option wasn’t viable.

The first thing we looked at was temporarily disabling the emote. This was not an option or we would have taken it. We were able to remove it from the Eververse store to keep it from being more widely available while we work on a fix. Postponing trials was not something we wanted to do, but we felt it was necessary until we can sort out this issue.

In related news, the game’s active player count has dropped 50% since its launch. However, it is important to note that it also happened for Destiny and with the release of subsequent expansions Bungie managed to engage its player base and it seems that it is exactly what the studio might be planning to do.

Also, Destiny 2 is one of the hottest releases of this year and despite the hype behind the game, its retail sales fell well short of expectations. Retail sales for the game fell 50% in the US and in the UK the figure is 58%.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version will be available on October 24 and is being worked on by Vicarious Visions.

Souce: Reddit