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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Will Help Creating Nintendo Switch Pokemon Titles

The Pokemon franchise is, without doubt, one of the biggest ones for Nintendo and with the announcement of Pokken Tournament DX exclusively for Nintendo Switch, it’s hard not to think of what its future will be on the new console. Many think that the development of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon has been a hindrance to the development of other Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. During a recent interview with GameSpot, employees of GameFreak explained why this is not true and why it actually helped on this matter.

As  Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon producer Shigeru Ohmori stated, the development of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon titles were actually used as a project for the younger staff to work on while the more experienced ones worked on the new Switch titles:

We have younger staff members and also veterans who have been working on the series for a long time, very technically gifted staff members. We want to use these staff in the best way possible. For example this time with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon we can treat it mainly as a project for our younger staff to work on and grow and develop their skills, while perhaps the more veteran, established members of the company can work on the upcoming [Switch] project.

Before this sounds weird, Kazumasa Iwao explained that there’s always a veteran developer working on a title, so that its quality and best performance will be delivered.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be the last core Pokemon title to be released on Nintendo 3DS/2DS so we expect the next one to be exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. This marks the end of an era and the start of a new one where Pokemon lovers can play their favorite games on both handheld and a couch console. Isn’t this a dream come true?