Overwatch Competitive WorldCup Players Complain About The Buffed Mercy

The Overwatch Competitive community thinks that new Mercy is too powerful for the Overwatch world cup matches and that she’ll extend the match time, somehow making it boring.

According to Overwatch Competitive players on Reddit, her resurrect skill, that was previously apart of the ultimate ability, now has a cooldown rate of 30 seconds and is part of a ready skill. She can revive anyone that’s a critical kill and ruin the match balance by extending it and making it boring.

Now blizzard updated the Mercy 2.0 recently by focusing on a core issue that was ruining the game before. Mercy used to go hide and when 3 to 5 players used to die, she suddenly comes and revives them all at once with her ultimate ability. On the contrary, when mercy was alone her ult couldn’t really help her. So instead of her being only a healer, blizzard gave her wings, literally. Now she can fly, move in all directions in mid-air, shooting unlimited bullets.

This move is done to increase the survival ability or Mercy and even though it doesn’t entirely matter what Overwatch Competitive tournament players think, everyone has their own point of view. I personally believe that Mercy 2.0 is a lot better and fun than the previous one because the job of a support player is not just to heal, but also support their team in fighting back the enemies. Mercy 2.0 takes care of those areas.

Overwatch Competitive players are arguing on the facts that before the match was undecided when Healers like Lucio or Mercy died. But now, the match is undecided unless you Kill Mercy. I think this was the same before since she could revive all the dead nearby. It’s just a matter of perspective. People pick Ana as well and she’s a wonderful support character, her ult is really useful and same goes with Zenyatta. powerful as a DPS and heals great.

While 1.16 is the patch planned for use at the World Cup, that doesn’t mean Blizzard can’t make a last minute choice to change something, or the esports team could ban Mercy from being selected. But that’s probably not going to happen. If they hate mercy for Overwatch Competitive just don’t allow her in the game, simple.