Need For Speed: Payback Xbox One HDD Requirement Is Surprisingly Low

HDD requirements for the games have increased significantly for the current generation, with games taking averagely 50 GB of HDD Space and some as high as 100 GB, however, Need For Speed: Payback HDD requirement is surprisingly low on Xbox One.

As listed on Microsoft Store, Xbox One version of Need For Speed: Payback requires just 17.81 GB of HDD space which is surprisingly low compared to how much space games these days require and Fortune Valley is the biggest open-world yet for any Need For Speed title.

If this is anything to go by, we are sure that the game will require almost the same HDD space on PlayStation 4. As for the PC version of the game, well according to the system requirements, Need For Speed: Payback needs 30 GB of HDD space.

The PC HDD requirement is significantly higher compared to its console counterpart but, it might be due to the 4K textures included in the PC version.

In related news, the upcoming Need For Speed title will launch for PC and current-gen console, however, the game might also make its way to Nintendo Switch. According to executive producer Marcus Nilsson, there is no Nintendo Switch version for the time being.

Also, EA has revealed the full soundtrack list for the game. Need For Speed: Payback Soundtrack list includes tracks from different artists and these tracks are also unique to events. The lost includes tracks from artists such as Jaden Smith, DJ Shadow and more.

Also, Ghost Games has revealed Speed Cards and has also discussed what they mean for the gameplay. According to creative director Will Ho, the studio wanted the performance upgrades and customization to be the front and center and these Speed Cards do just that.

Need For Speed: Payback is a racing title in development at Ghost Games and is scheduled to launch November 10, 2017, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.