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Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven Appears On GOG, Available on PC

Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven, the very first game in the popular Mafia series, has made a reappearance after coming out in 2002, and slipping into relative obscurity soon afterwards. The game has appeared on Good Old Games, a website specializing in vintage titles, and is on sale for $14.99.

The original Mafia game tells the story of a man named Tommy Angelo, a humble taxi driver who, like both of the other Mafia protagonists, finds himself caught up in the entanglements of mafia politics, rises to power, and falls just as fast. The game ties semi-directly into Mafia 2, which came out eight years later in 2010, by featuring that game’s two antagonists near the end.

The PC version of the game got positive reviews when it was released, with critics praising the realism of the game, however the console versions of the title received mixed reviews (likely the reason for the game getting re-released onto GOG instead of getting remastered console versions.

If you’ve played Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 but have never experienced Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven, and have a PC that can run the game, now might be a good time to head on over to GOG and pick up the game for yourself.

There are currently no plans to release Mafia on Steam, but even so if you’re a fan of the Mafia series, paying 15 dollars for a fairly old game will likely be worth it, especially considering the other classic titles that GOG has in its catalogue.

Either way, if you want to buy it, Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven is available exclusively on PC, and exclusively on for $14.99. If you have a PC that can run them as well, you could even do a retrospective, playing through all three Mafia games in a row to get each story.