Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Trademark Suspended By USPTO

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the best games out there. The game is launching its expansion in the coming month, Being a PS exclusive the game has its quality perks but Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds, might get delayed for launch due to patent rights issue recently faced by Sony.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has suspended the trademark application for the Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds expansion, apparently the name is already registered to some online casino app. The studio in question, called Huuuge, filed a trademark for its game ‘Frozen Wild’ back in May.

Out of the many games, Frozen Wild is a slot machine mobile game by the same studio. The trademark suspension is over a month old. But the post was recently dug up on Neogaf by some user. Huuuge Games develops mobile free-to-play casino games. Huuuge’s application was published for opposition on October 17, 2017.

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds trademark suspension may delay the process of launching the game. Sony will have to change the name of the expansion most probably. Guerrilla Games, the studio behind HZD also has clarified that this will be the first and the only expansion for the game.

Following the release of the expansion, a Complete Edition will also be released, including the base game as well as the Frozen Wilds expansion. The gorgeous visuals, captivating story and familiar gameplay elements make HZD a must play and that’s one of the reasons why gamers await the release of the first and only expansion.

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds is scheduled to launch on November 7th, 2017. If the trademark issue isn’t resolved by that time or Sony doesn’t come up with a different title for the game, fans might see a delay in the launch of the game, since the release is 2 weeks away. But Sony will find a solution or a settlement against Huuuge Games studio. Lets hope for a timely release.