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ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide – How to Find All Legendary Items

In this ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide, we will guide you on how and where you can acquire all the Legendary Items in ELEX. Legendary Items are special versions of the normal versions and they feature boosted stats and you must try to get as many Legendary Items as possible.

We have curated this ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide for you so that you can find all the Legendary Items in ELEX easily.

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ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide

ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide details everything that you need to know about finding Legendary Items in ELEX.

ELEX Legendary Items Locations

There are six Legendary Items in ELEX and they are found scattered throughout the world of ELEX. Below you will find the locations of all the unique Legendary Items.

The Phantom String

The Phantom String Bow features 50 meters range, 72 damage, and costs 1,400 Elexit. To find this legendary bow, you need to head to Origin.

You will visit this place during your main story. Inside the village, you need to climb the tower all the way to the top. The bow is located at the top. This village is located between Edan and Abessa high in the mountains.

The Redeemer

The Redeemer features 30 meters range, 100 damage, 7 shots and costs 3,120 Elexit.

You will also require a jetpack to access it and a high level so that you can take on the enemies surrounding this legendary energy weapon. This is found on the rooftop of North Abessa in a Converter.

Archon’s Might

Archon’s Might features 30 meters range, 45 damage, 15 shots and costs 430 Elexit. You will find this energy weapon during a quest named ‘A Strange Mechanism’. It is located in The Claws’ hideout on a table in sewers below Domed City.

Calaan’s Bulwark

Calaan’s Bulwark is a shield. It offers 15 damage points, a +20 boost to poison resistance, and it costs 660 Elexit.

You can get it from one of the walls in Cathedral’s floor in the Cleric’s headquarters located in The Hort. Make sure no one is around you because when you take the shield, it will be considered as theft.


Thunderclap is a ranged weapon. It features 30 meters range, 91 damage, 7 shots, and costs you 1,420 Elexit. To obtain the weapon you can go to Duke’s Bunker in The Fort and reach one of the upper floors of the bunker, which has the secret stash.

If you go there during the daytime, kill the soldier guarding the door otherwise sneak during nighttime via the fenced balcony.

Ignis Artifex

Ignis Artifex features 48 fire damage and costs 625 Elexit. This is hard to miss as you can obtain it during a quest known as Harvest Time. During the quest, you will find an island near the Hotel Ruins of Goliet.

Go there and keep heading towards the center of the island. Once there, you will come to a hole in a ground. Jump inside, kill the monster nearby, and get the two-handed sword Ignis Artifex.

This concludes our ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!