ELEX Factions Guide – Which Faction to Choose, Berserkers, Clerics, Outlaws

Factions are really important in a game such as ELEX. Thus experienced RPG players will know about the grind required to understand the intricacies of each of the factions. This ELEX Factions Guide reduces the process to simply just reading the next few paragraphs to understand which faction will work best for you. The right choice will vary from user to user so we list the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Factions and you can decide for yourself which fits your style.

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ELEX Factions Guide

In this ELEX Factions Guide, we have broken down all available Factions in ELEX so that you can choose the one you want without any regrets.

ELEX Factions – Which Faction to Choose

ELEX Factions – Outlaws

The Outlaws are from the barren wastelands of Magalan and look like the rough and tumble fighters that they are. They are fighters that barely try to stay as a community and all of them embrace anarchy with open arms. All the drug addicts and rebels usually become Outlaws.

Outlaws are very dangerous and have a plethora of weapons at their disposal. Players who like a diverse arsenal will appreciate this class as they have everything from guns to grenades. This is also perhaps the only faction of the game that has the ability to craft items properly.

However, it is best to remember that they are the weakest when it comes to combat as they lack the power in their weapons that the other factions have. It is not impossible to play but I would recommend that you avoid this class if you are looking to dominate your opposition.

ELEX Factions – Berserkers

Berserkers look like they came straight out of Age of Empires, or Sid Meier’s Civilization. They are a part of a tribal community which prefers forests rather than destruction. They despise Elex and work to remove it from Magalan.

Since they are not using the technology from Elex, they usually utilize primitive weapons such as knives and swords. They have discovered magic though, and that is the reason why you will want to pick this faction. They are the only faction which can use fireballs, summons, and other magical stuff. If you are a fan of magic, then this is the faction that you will want to use.

ELEX Factions – Clerics

Technology is everything for the Clerics. They reside in the colder climates and utilize Elex to its fullest potential. The technology that they have makes them worship it and they have massive machines and androids as a part of their arsenal. They have the Psi powers which are sort of like the magic that the Berserkers have.

The Clerics are by far the easiest faction to play because of weapons such as laser and plasma guns. They have the most advanced weapons and armor and are perfect for anyone who loves science fiction. ELEX is an unbalanced game and thus, this is the best faction to play as it is by far the strongest.

That is all we have for our ELEX Factions Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!