PUBG Takes Over Korean PC Bangs, Pushes Aside League of Legends

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) further increased its global market presence this week by becoming the most played game overall in Korean PC Bangs.

According to InvenGlobal, the online battle royale experience has been attracting a large number of players in recent months and now accounts for a 24.28 percent share in the region. League of Legends, which has for long been dominating the top spot in Korean PC Bangs is now at second place with a 23.62 percent share.

The difference is not that much, meaning that League of Legends can easily take back its crown in the coming weeks. However, what is impressive is that PUBG is not a free-to-play game. It is currently in early access on Steam and requires a valid purchase in order to play. There have also not been any temporary events or marketing campaigns to lure crowds. Hence, PUBG sitting at the top of Korean PC Bangs is clearly because there is a strong demand for the game in the region.

The highly anticipated pre-season update is scheduled to arrive for League of Legends early next month. It is unlikely that PUBG will manage to retain its number of shares afterwards, provided that it is able to retain the top spot until then.

Competition is always welcomed in every market. League of Legends was the most played game in Korean PC Bangs for around four years until Blizzard came with Overwatch. The vibrant team-based shooter managed to take away the top spot but for only a few weeks. It is currently sitting at a 13.73 percent share, much lower than when it initially launched last year.

We will see how dominant PUBG really is when it gets an official release by the end of the year.