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New Playstation 4 Controller For Kids Will Make Console Easier To Play

Sony has announced that a new Playstation 4 controller for kids will be releasing soon, making it easier for children and their small hands to be able to play Playstation 4 games, rather than on the larger mainline Playstation 4 controller. The controller will be launching this holiday for $30.

The new controller has a great deal missing from it in order to make its size possible, mainly in the form of the controller’s light bar and touch pad both being removed. However, the controller prompts that will require you to touch the pad are instead mapped to the two analog sticks down near the bottom of the controller.

Considering kids are starting to play video games younger and younger these days, the fact that special controllers are being released for them is a sign that game producers are also starting to take notice. Now, your kid will be able to reach every button, and won’t have to worry about not being able to press something in a quick time event.

The new Playstation 4 controller for kids is called the Mini Wired Gamepad, and has been built by Hori, who are responsible for making things like fight sticks and a number of other controller designs across multiple other gaming platforms. Now they’re getting into different age brackets by making the Playstation 4 more accessible for children.

The success of this controller when it comes out for the holidays might open up various other gaming platforms to get a similar form of treatment, especially with how many people play video games nowadays.

While we don’t have a more specific date for when the new Playstation 4 controller for kids will be released, Playstation 4 owners with small children that want to play will be able to get it sometime around the holidays of this year for the fairly reasonable price of $30 in the United States or $40 in Canadian money.