Microsoft Is Not Supportive Of Japanese Games, Says NIS America President

Microsoft has not seemed committed as much as Sony has this console generation with its first-party titles and specifically not with Japanese games and many gamers have raised concerns over Microsoft not being supportive of Japanese titles.

Takuro Yamashita, president of Nippon Ichi Software America, has also raised concerns over Microsoft not being supportive of Japanese games. According to Yamashita, Microsoft still considers Japanese games as Niche for its console and Microsoft’s structure for supporting games isn’t really “geared” towards niche or small Japanese games.

Honestly speaking, Microsoft’s approach to Japanese games hasn’t been very supportive,” NIS America president and CEO Takuro Yamashita told MCV. “Microsoft also has a minimum order quantity for their games, and their whole structure isn’t really geared toward niche games or smaller games like Japanese titles, so they’re not really supportive of Japanese games or developers.

However, there might be a reason why Microsoft isn’t supportive of Japanese Games as Xbox One is not really popular among Japanese gaming community and only Nintendo and PlayStation has managed to grab a major console market share for themselves which is why Microsoft might not see much value in supporting Japanese titles.

Speaking of Xbox One, Microsoft upcoming Xbox One X will be launching next month with a ton of enhanced titles. With Halo 5 already confirmed for the upcoming consoles, 343 Industries has also confirmed that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be enhanced for Xbox One X and not only that, game’s bugs and issues will also be ironed out.

The update will modernize some of the game’s systems. Furthermore, 343 Industries added that the bug fixes for the collection will be tested out with the help of the community and the first wave of testing will start in Spring 2018.

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Source: MCV