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League of Legends’ Fans Have Raised $1.85 Million for the Worlds 2017 Prize Pool

The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2017) continues on and so does the increment in its prize pool.

Posting on the official website, Riot Games revealed that contribution from fans have helped raise the total prize pool by about $1.85 million. This brings the total amount to just over $4 million from the base $2.25 million in the beginning.

For those unaware, 25 percent of sales from the recently announced Championship Ashe and Championship Ward skins will go towards the prize pool this year. The total amount will be shared between all of the participating teams in accordance with their final standing. The breakdown has been provided below.

  • 1st place: 37.5%
  • 2nd place: 13.5%
  • 3rd/4th place: 7% (14% total)
  • 5th-8th place: 4% (16% total)
  • 9th-12th place: 2.25% (9% total)
  • 13th-16th place: 1.25% (5% total)
  • 17th-20th place: 0.75% (3% total)
  • 21st-24th place: 0.5% (2% total)

In comparison, the prize pool for last year was $6.7 million. More than half of this was raised by the community through the Championship Zed skin.

It is too early to predict whether the prize pool for this year will be able to surpass that. The community can certainly help by grabbing both the Championship Ashe and Championship Ward skins before November 5.

The quarterfinals for Worlds 2017 will begin later today, with the semifinals taking place at the end of the month. The grand finals are scheduled for November 4.

The South Korean teams are looking strong like always. SK Telecom T1 is naturally the favorite to win its fourth championship. However, Longzhu Gaming is a name on paper that might surprise everyone by denying the most dominant team in the history of League of Legends.