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EVGA GTX 1070 VRM Exploded And EVGA Refused To Fix The Problem

A user’s EVGA GTX 1070 VRM exploded and that is not something new for EVGA as we have seen this in the past and we thought that the company would have learned from the mistakes when they introduced the new cooling. That does not seem to be the case for these EVGA GTX 1070 ACX 3.0 cards.

This issue has persisted for a long time now and EVGA took responsibility for the problem and said that they would provide cooling pads or you could get one for free but when this particular user EVGA GTX 1070 VRM Exploded the company refused to take responsibility for the damage by stating that the issue was due to some pink dust found on the card that was due to water damage.

According to Reddit users ARandomBob:

EVGA has been having issues with the VRM cooling on the 1070 and 1080 cards. Lots of cards have been blowing VRMs. Mine included. I’m posting this as a warning that the RMA team is worming out of fixing these cards. Mine had something pink on the back of the board and they claimed that it was water damaged. Whatever the pink dust was wiped right off and it was no where near the VRM. If you have one of these cards with the ACX 3.0 cooling find aftermarket cooling for these VRMs. When they blow EVGA is not always going to pull through for you and I’m now out $400.

We thought that the EVGA GTX 1070 VRM problems had been fixed up but it seems that is not the case and there are still cards out there that might blow up. You can click here to check out similar incidents where EVGA GTX 1070 VRM caught fire. You might want to check the thermals on your card if you own one.

Let us know what you think about this EVGA 1070 VRM and whether or not you have been affected as well.