Destiny 2 Prestige Raid Completed In Just Over An Hour after 10 AM PDT Release

Six Destiny players had the Destiny 2 Prestige raid completed in just over an hour after the raid launched at 10 AM Pacific Time this morning. The Prestige raid upped the raid’s difficulty in enemies, bosses, and area mechanics for the promise of more powerful gear, though it’s not much of a surprise.

Considering the raid has already been out for several weeks (not helped by the fact that the Prestige raid had to be delayed so that Bungie could fix an exploit that removed a significant part of the challenge from the raid’s final boss fight), the Destiny community was given plenty of time to practice and run through the raid multiple times, finding the optimal combination of gear.

Clan Redeem was responsible for getting the Destiny 2 Prestige Raid completed, taking on the Leviathan in one hour and six minutes. They made it through the raid just four minutes faster than the next-fastest group, meaning that it was a pretty close-run race.

Clan Redeem has become very good at completing Destiny raids before anyone else. Back in the last days of Destiny 1 when Rise of Iron had been released, the clan was able to finish the Wrath of the Machine raid before anyone else, permanently putting an end to the SIVA Crisis once and for all. They also hold the title for the fastest in a number of other Destiny events.

However, there is at least one black spot on the clan’s title: during the raid, one of Clan Redeem’s players, a player named Swatcicle, said that he was coil glitching, which is an exploit that allows you to refill your power weapons instantaneously, meaning that you can repeatedly pump missiles or grenades into an enemy. While Bungie has said that they will disqualify any player found using it, only time will tell if they will strip Clan Redeem of its title.