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Zeku Can Switch Between Two Forms for Completely Different Moves in Street Fighter V

Capcom has finally clarified the confusion surrounding Zeku, the newly announced final character for the ongoing second season of Street Fighter V.

His initial reveal showcased the ninja grandmaster in two completely different forms. There was speculation as to whether the second version is simply an alternate costume. The developer has confirmed now that Zeku is actually two characters merged in one body.

The first version of Zeku is his current, older form. The second one is where he reverts to his younger days. Zeku will start with his older form by default, but virtually all of his moves will change when the younger version is summoned.

In a nutshell, the older Zeku is slower but methodical with straightforward attacks. The younger Zeku is more nimble and able to rush down opponents with lighting fast attacks. He may as well be one of the most diverse characters to release for Street Fighter V.

The transformation is deemed as an ancient ninja technique that can be triggered on the fly. His V-Skill (Fukuro) is also another option where Zeku can juggle an opponent and change his form for a secondary attack from either side. The V-Trigger (Bushinryu Shinge Kiko) is a vanishing dash that can be used in both forms and followed up with a custom combo.

Zeku is scheduled to be release on October 24 for Street Fighter V. He will naturally be part of the current season pass, and of the recently announced Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for early next year.