Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft has been testing its latest update over the past six months. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, that adds a lot of unique features from mixed reality VR app, gaming modes, Cortana sync, my people, defender updates to all the way till new emojis, better pen writing and voice command support.

There are a couple of minor changes and it is possible that you might not even notice some of them. Here we are going to take a deeper look into all that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has to offer and the changes are as follows:

1) The edge browser has a cool new feature allows to shortcut your favorite web page directly on the taskbar.

2) Xbox game console logo for one stop shopping.

3) Windows Defender now offers to exploit guard, comprehensive WannaCry, Petya, Cerber, Locky, Spora and other defense blackmail software to filter files with such malicious modifications.

4) Directly switch to game mode enhance network support for gaming applications and task manager now shows GPU statistics as well as the other hardware stats graph.

5) Windows 10 Fall Creators Update allows Word, Excel and PowerPoint to fully support 3D objects. This includes 360-degree view, zoom, rotate and PPT also supports Morph Deformation.

6) Voice recognition is more intelligent, offers shutdown, reboot features on voice commands.

7) My people chat window is added to the task bar as an optional feature to give a more personalized touch for communication.

8) OneDrive files are now accessible and you can upload any of your files without syncing the entire drive. Right-click gives the option to back up data and you can also watch your progress while it happens.

9) Windows Mixed Reality VR app is now available with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Setup involves launching the portal app and using your, separately purchased, VR gears from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung etc. Steam VR support will still take some time.

10) Certain level of fluidity added to the interface such ask start menu, icons anti-blurring and action center has been updated with smoother animations.

11) Pen and touch recognition has improved in shape writing, there’s also a feature to locate where you last used the pen. In case you lost it somewhere.

12) Some new emojis with cool new keyboard shortcuts for posting on online forums and chatting software.

13) Windows 10 Fall Creators Update enables Cortana to recognize display call notifications on android phones, you can text a person if you’re busy, it gives the ability to sync your phone with your primary device and lets you text back the person. It also allows you to lock, shutdown, restart your PC with voice commands.

14) The sound features have improved much. If you use headphones a lot, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offers Windows Sonic, a spatial feature that gives surround sound and Dolby Atmos support.

15) New features also include individual voice controls for Windows apps. So while gaming if you want to play music from Groove Music or Microsoft Edge in the background, on a slightly lower voice, now you can.

16) DPI scaling has been improved so when you upscale on a 4K monitor, icons do not blur out, they upscale smoothly without being pixilated.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is a big chunk of useful features, taken from creative and critical feedback. Happy using and wish to see more of these in the coming year!