New Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Trailer Shows Necrozma Wants Alola’s Light

Another new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon trailer has been released, showing off the main plot of the two games that are going to be coming out in November. It shows off the general plot of the game, along with a few clips of the story that feature some characters.

According to the trailer, the focus of the game’s plot will be the threat posed by the Ultra Beast Necrozma, who intends to steal all of the light from Alola and the world. According to a little snippet from Professor Kukui elsewhere in the trailer, the Alola Region was once cloaked in darkness, but the people and Pokemon in Alola banished the darkness away with light.

However, it seems like Necrozma was responsible for the darkness to begin with, and now it’s back to try and take it again. Along with all of this lore (handily provided to us both by Kukui and the new team that’s in the game, the Ultra Recon Squad), we also see a few interesting bits, such as the protagonist talking to Guzma, Gladion and Lusamine interacting, and a battle between Lunalaa and Necrozma.

Outside of the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon trailer, Famitsu also gave us some more information. For instance, the games are not sequels, the story will diverge from the first games starting with the Ultra Recon Squad, and it will be easier to capture Pokemon. Along with all of the other story info, the game will have double the story volume of the original Sun and Moon, and will also have an extra episode after you win the Pokemon League. Players will even be able to catch Legendary Pokemon as they use the Ultra Warp Ride, such as Mewtwo.

To watch the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon trailer, look further up the article. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon comes out on November 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.