Football Manager 2018 Fantasy Draft Detailed In “Inside FM 2018”

On today’s Inside FM 2018, we had a chance to take a glimpse of the Fantasy Draft in Football Manager 2018. Football Manager 2018 Fantasy League is coming back this year with “a slicker, cleaner look and is loaded with more gameplay options for you to prove your managerial ability” as the video description reads.

A really important detail is that, even though Fantasy Draft is a multiplayer feature, it can also be played offline with AI  managers as opponents, with them being hosts of celebrities and familiar faces from the FM community. Also, this year you have the opportunity to compete in multiple seasons of Fantasy Draft.

Also, this year you have the opportunity to compete in multiple seasons of Fantasy Draft in the league format. If you want to join an existing Fantasy Draft in the next season you can and you won’t be restricted to just the starting managers. In the Knockout cup, there’s also a major change with two-legged ties being added to the format.

What’s even more exciting is that Football Manager 2018 Fantasy Draft now has a new user interface which intends to be more streamlined than the previous versions. Its layout has been simplified and seems more simplistic than the rest of the Football Manager, which had to happen since the developer team wanted to help streaming the mode become easier and more fun.

There are also some changes in setting up your Football Manager 2018 Fantasy Draft. Let’s see them:

  • You can now find a Quick Start option to quickly join a Fantasy Draft league.
  • There’s an Automatic Selection feature where the AI creates your next draft pick if you want to hurry up even more. These picks are made based on your formation, favorite club, and nationality.
  • The maximum budget has been doubled from 250 to 500 million pounds, so you’ll be able to draft more players.
  • There is also a player pool where you can choose categories of players that will be available to pick in your Football Manager 2018 Fantasy Draft. These player pools can also be uploaded and downloaded from Steam Workshop.
  • The element of time has been removed, so now players don’t age and injuries are timed in remaining matches or seasons than days, weeks or months.

Football Manager 2018 comes to PC on November 10th and you can dive into the game two weeks earlier, in its beta version, if you pre-order the game.