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Destiny 2’s Nightfall Strike Is Still Bugged for Prestige Difficulty

Many have begun questioning Bungie on its seemingly laid-back approach when it comes to acting on feedback and fixing already reported issues in Destiny 2.

The Nightfall Strike has a few sections where players need to pass through a series of large blue pulses that are scattered around the open area of Nessus in order to progress. The task is working as intended, at least on the normal difficulty levels, and is also pretty easy to complete. However, it is when players raise the difficulty level to the hardest that an annoying problem takes inception.

It was last month when players reported that the Nightfall Strike is bugged when played at the Prestige difficulty level. The final area does not spawn any large blue pulses, making it impossible for the players to progress any further and collect the rewards at the end.

Following the weekly reset yesterday, many hoped that the bug would have been squashed by Bungie. Such has not happened. The Nightfall Strike remains bugged at the Prestige difficulty level and there is no official confirmation as to when a fix will arrive.

Some players have apparently found a solution where killing a Dreg to the left of the final area will cause the blue pulses to appear. As it is, players are assembling to take on the Nightfall Strike at its hardest difficulty level just to gamble on that claim. It is only natural for such players to be extremely angry at the developer for not fixing the issue in nearly four weeks.

When Destiny 2 was launched, Bungie had to delay the release of the Prestige mode because there was an exploit where players could skip a significant part of the final boss fight. Most recently, the developer removed the “Bureaucratic Walk” emote from the game to stop players from glitching through the environment.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is scheduled to release for PC next week. The pre-loading should begin later today.