Dead Space 2 Cost $60 Million But Was A Sales Dud

It is a sad day indeed with EA shutting down Visceral Games and the future of the Dead Space franchise is uncertain. Visceral Games was also working on a Star Wars title with Amy Hennig in the lead but, Dead Space franchise is the one for which the studio was known for.

Now, former Dead Space developer has come forward and revealed that despite Dead Space 2 being a critical hit and selling 4 million units, it wasn’t financially successful. Former level designer Zach Wilson revealed through his Twitter account that Dead Space 2 took $60 Million to make and 4 million units sold couldn’t recover that cost.

Dead Space 2 cost 60 Million dollars to make and they were merciless with their budget. they only sold 4 mil and that wasn’t enough.

cause you gotta spend 60 million dollars marketing it and you take a huge hit from MS and retailers taking their cut.

However, the Star Wars title the studio was working on hasn’t been canceled and the development of the game has been shifted to EA Vancouver. Visceral Games’ Star Wars title was being developed as an action-adventure story-driven title and a lot of plot details leaked earlier this year for the game.

According to the leaks, the game had two protagonists one male and the second was female. The female protagonist was to be the center of the entire story in the upcoming Star Wars title. However, with Visceral Games shut down and the Amy Hennig’s role is now uncertain, we are not sure if we are going to get the Star Wars title that Amy Hennig set out to make.

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Source: Twitter