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Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus Features A Tension System, Makes Combat Satisfying

Wolfenstein The New Order has showed us the main protagonist B.J Blazkowicz who has a soft and forgiving human side when he is not blowing up Nazis and piling dead bodies everywhere. This time, Wolfenstein 2 offers a much more realistic approach; they introduced a tension system that affects on how Blazkowicz plays.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus offers a head value system that tracks your movement and situation. It’s a tension meter that measure the amount of pressure you have when fighting or moving casually from one point to another.

The system works like when you are in a battle and shooting from a corner or overwhelmed by enemies targeting you, your tension level rises and you start reloading faster. You become more aggressive. This gives the notion of realistic accuracy.

Therefore in Wolfenstein 2, a combat or a hectic situation will cause the player to reloaded faster and above this the background music will also become more intense. Just like how we picture action scenes portrayed in a game cinematic or a movie. Except that you will be playing it this time.

The same low health/high pressure technique has been used in many games in the past. Some platform action games and some versus fighting games, where the player could do more damage or increase his reflexes when he’s low on health.

Similarly if I can remember correctly one of the Need For Speed titles had this feature, that when you’re speeding up with Nitrous Oxide, the turbo boost also amps up the intensity of music and it becomes more sharp and clear. Perhaps Need for Speed Most wanted 2012 or NFS Rivals had it. Great feature.

Wolfenstein 2 is made the tension system and organic part of the player, who can see his own tension build up reflecting the in game mechanics, with louder music and faster reflexes. Each reload, shot and gun combination will feel refreshing and thoroughly satisfying. The PC version will support Radeon Vega’s RPM.