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Turn in Destiny 2 Iron Banner Tokens Before They Disappear

It is extremely important that players do not horde Iron Banner tokens in Destiny 2 because they will disappear once the event concludes.

According to the official website, Lord Saladin departs from the Tower Courtyard following the weekly reset. Hence, it falls on the Guardians that they remember to turn in any remaining Iron Banner tokens before that happens or else have to farm more in the next event.

The clarification arrives in the wake of a bit of confusion where some believed that any spare tokens would carry forward to future events, similar to how Faction Rallies function. This might disappoint the community, especially the specific circle of players that were interested in saving up their tokens for upcoming events.

As it is, the next Iron Banner event appears to not feature any new gear. There is really no incentive to horde tokens any more. It is another reason why players must visit the vendor as soon as possible to cash out.

Elsewhere, Bungie has stated that if Lord Saladin is missing during the Iron Banner event, players should return to Orbit and try relaunching into the Tower again. It appears to be a minor bug that should be corrected with a future update.

For those unaware, players earn five Iron Banner tokens from winning a match during the event and two upon a loss. Twenty of these can be turned in for an Iron Banner engram that can contain Iron Banner-themed armor and weapons.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The highly anticipated sequel will arrive for PC next week.