Team Envy and Phoenix1 Reportedly Also Rejected for the Newly Franchised NA LCS

Team Envy and Phoenix1 are the next in line that have reportedly been denied the opportunity to join the newly franchised North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) next year by Riot Games.

According to a report from ESPN, sources close to the matter have confirmed that both teams must either release their current League of Legends rosters or sell the individual contracts of their players before the start of the new season. In either case, neither Team Envy nor Phoenix1 will be playing in the NA LCS next year.

“Both teams will be entitled to compensation that will be made up of a pool from $3 million buy-ins paid by new teams entering the league,” the report explained.

Each split that the team participated in accounts for three shares from that pool. Since the two teams participated in three splits each and the entire season this year, the total number of shares come to nine for each of them. The final figure for compensation will be determined once Riot Games is done finalizing the new teams for the NA LCS.

More than a hundred applications have so far been submitted to Riot Games in the hopes of acceptance. The company is said to have started notifying applicants last week that they have been rejected. Before the alleged removal of Team Envy and Phoenix1, Team Dignitas was said to be the first to have been denied the opportunity to return next year.

Majority owner Joe Lacob and assistant general manager Kirk Lacob of the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA) have reportedly been accepted by Riot Games as its newest franchise owner in North America. More names are expected to surface in the coming weeks.