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Super Mario Odyssey is £18 Off at Amazon, Pre Order Now!

Super Mario Odyssey is now available for pre-order right now and is £18 off at Amazon UK. Players interested in buying a copy can benefit from further discounts via Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime cuts down another £2 from the already discounted price so you can pick up the game for £39.99. Both Super Mario Odyssey digital and retail version are available at the same problem. Odyssey is releasing on Nintendo Switch later this month and one of its first reviews were published in Famitsu recently.

The game has been receiving praise since it was revealed and Super Mario Odyssey Famitsu Score is 39 out of 40 which shows that the game is a masterpiece.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch has been receiving a lot of praise from reviewers as the game has scored a perfect 10 from EDGE magazine, a UK-based video game magazine, and it seems that the game will be getting much more praise from other critics as well.

The game runs smooth and at 60FPS on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch’s lineup of games this year has been strong but it lacked diverse games. ARMS led the way in that regard but nothing else washed the taste of Mario and Zelda to freshen things up.

However, Sony has invested in a multiplatform division that will develop games for Nintendo Switch and other non-PlayStation platforms. Nintendo Switch getting support from Sony will help the handheld do even better in the market with a diverse lineup of games available to Nintendo players.

Do you think Nintendo needs new IPs and mature games on its gaming machine? Share what you think in the comments below.