Sony to Publish Games for Nintendo Switch, Major Boost to Switch Sales Expected

Nintendo Switch seeing moderate success across the globe and is growing its market share. Compared to Wii U, the developer support is tremendous for Nintendo Switch. There is a lot of potential in Switch and even Sony sees opportunities.

The creator of the PlayStation and numerous successful first party studios has invested in a new division that will focus on multiplatform publication. The Sony division will focus on games for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Unites is the new video game publications division managed by Sony Music Entertainment. The focus will be on supporting unique and innovative projects. The goal is to penetrate the ever-expanding video games market with indie titles. The firm plans to use SME resources to help indie games reach as broad audience.

The very first game signed by the division is a 3D Turn-Based strategy game called Tiny Metal. The game will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC next month on November 21. There 3 other games signed by Sony – action game Last Standard, robot battler Merkava Avalanche, and a VR remaster of 2013 rhythm action title Deemo.

For now, we only have confirmation of Tiny Metal coming to Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, Last Standard and Merkava Avalanche are coming to PC and an unannounced platform.

Nintendo Switch getting support from Sony will help the handheld do even better in the market. It is early days but as more and more Sony supported games release on Nintendo Switch, the handheld’s library will finally get a touch of diversification, finally, we will go beyond Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon.

Nintendo needs more mature games on Switch and Doom’s November release will help in this regard.