Rainway Streaming App Might Bring Cuphead, PC Games To The Switch

The Rainway streaming app, an upcoming app that claims it will allow people to play PC games via streaming to the Nintendo Switch, has apparently been teasing footage of Cuphead over the last few days, though the game is currently exclusively for the Xbox One and the PC systems only.

One of the multiple flaws in PC gaming is that many games require a certain standard of hardware to be able to play games, and those games won’t run correctly or will run worse than they should have if hardware isn’t up to snuff. The Rainway streaming app in the first few months of the Switch’s release said that their app would allow players that don’t possess an Xbox One or don’t have a powerful enough PC to play games off of those.

However, whether this is true or not (mainly, if Rainway will even be allowed to come to the Switch as one of its available apps), remains to be seen. While the Nintendo Switch does have various apps like Netflix and YouTube coming to it, along with multiple other third-party games, there’s no guarantee that Nintendo would allow something like this.

While it would be a boon for people that don’t have an Xbox One or don’t have a PC powerful enough to keep up with the hottest new PC releases, if an app allows players to illegally stream something from their PC to the Nintendo Switch (though illegal is still a nebulous term since Microsoft might give their permission for something like this) it could look bad on Nintendo.

Whether the Rainway streaming app is allowed to come to the Switch or not remains to be seen, but if your PC can run Cuphead or you have an Xbox One, you can play the game on either of those platforms.