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PUBG Update Patch Notes Reveal Effort for Weapon Spawn Balancing

New PUBG update patch notes have been shared by developer PlayerUnknown. According to the patch notes, they are planning to make some changes and improvements to weapon spawning in order to balance it out. There are many issues with weapon spawning even though devs have made improvement in the past.

Sometimes even the high loot areas contain empty buildings which is why developers have now decreased the starting Island item spawn levels in order to adjust the item balance on the Northeast side of Erangel. In addition to the balancing change, there are a handful of bug fixes included in the new update.

Bug Fixes

  • Eliminated the fire animation and effect that occurred in the Starting Airplane when a player was on fire from a molotov cocktail
  • Fixed a bug that enabled a character to hold the main weapon and frying pan simultaneously
    Fixed a spectator mode bug of flickering weapon UI icons

Battlegrounds is still aiming at a full release by the end of the year. Around the same time, a version will also arrive on Xbox One via the Insider Program. However, since there are many technical issues and the burden of releasing a version for Xbox, one wonders if the launch on both platforms may have to be pushed into the first half of 2018? Thankfully, that will not be the case, according to Bluehole.

They are looking into issues and are confident about resolving them ahead of final release on PC. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available in early access on Steam for $29.99.

What other changes and improvements would you like to see in Battlegrounds? Let us know in the comments below.