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Halo Wars 3 Art Shows That We Could Have Had Space Battles

A new brace of Halo Wars 3 art has shown off that Creative Assembly had big plans for Halo Wars 3, if it had ever come to pass. The strategy game’s third entry would have apparently had space battles, but it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see anything like that any time soon.

The idea was apparently for your main ship (in this case the UNSC Spirit of Fire) to serve as your main base, while you built ships to send out against a Covenant fleet at some point during the game. The possibility of something like this, especially since Creative Assembly has already created battles involving ships in some of its Total War games, likely would have been an epic addition to the title.

Unfortunately, it seems that Halo Wars 2 wasn’t that much of a commercial success for Microsoft, and while it got good reviews (as it should have, considering Creative Assembly is one of the masters of real-time strategy games) it didn’t seem to sell very well, meaning that we’ll likely not get a Halo Wars 3 anytime soon.

The Halo Wars 3 art, along with the orphaned plot thread that the Spirit of Fire and the Banished are still fighting on the Ark and Doctor Anders is nowhere to be seen, means that we may once again be dealing with a very long time gap between Halo Wars games (since the first one came out in 2009 and Halo Wars 2 came out in February of this year.

If we have to deal with another eight year gap to find out what happened to the Spirit’s crew, Microsoft and 343 may end up having to do something else to close the gap, whether wrapping up the story through a comic or a book, or developing another game further down the road.

You can see the Halo Wars 3 art by following this link.