Gran Turismo Sport Day One Patch Is Massive, Known Issues Revealed

Gran Turismo Sport has launched for PS4 and what do you know! the game has a massive day-one-patch that actually does quite a lot. Gran Turismo Sport Day One patch is over 12 GB in size and obviously, the update is mandatory if you want to play the game.

The day one patch for the game brings an opening cinematic to the game, tweaks to the level design, updates the reward distribution, along with several bug fixes and more.

Furthermore, along with Gran Turismo Sport Day One patch developer Polyphony Digital has also listed the known issues for the game which includes game stops due to e-mail constantly deleting, game freezing while practicing drift and more. However, these issues will be resolved in a future patch.

  • Gamesave
    – When the save button is pressed to save, there are cases in which the transmission to the server fails.
    – This can be alleviated by playing the game for approximately 15 minutes after starting the game.
  • When the email address is repeatedly deleted, the game stops.
    – In “Email address” of “Options”, if the “Delete Email address” action is repeated, the game comes to a stop.
  • The game freezes when participating in a drift trial using a car with a custom color chip.
    – If the exterior is edited in the livery editor with a custom color chip and the player participates in a drift trial, the game freezes after displaying the results.
  • Steering Controller
    – There have been cases where the H Pattern shifter THRUSTMASTER® TH8A is not recognized properly.
  • On the Thrustmaster T500RS steering controller, we will correct the issue where there is excessive vibration when turning the steering wheel over a certain amount (causing understeer).
  • We will increase the steering speed on the standard DualShock 4 controller to improve controllability while oversteering and drifting.

These issues will be corrected in a future update.

Gran Turismo Sport is a racing simulator video game developed by Polyphony Digital and exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Gran-Turismo