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Borderlands 3 Will Still Have the Offline Features

Borderlands 3 is undeniably Gearbox’s most anticipated title, even though it still has no release date. As the tension grows higher and the community is finding more and more things they want to see in the new Borderlands, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford tweeted about the game, and it probably has a permanent offline mode to help players that like solitude and single player gaming.

A Borderlands fan tweeted that he would love to see a “Borderlands game that is online with massive raids and lots of loot”. As a response, Pitchford told him that he likes this idea but he also wants off-line gamers to be able to experience the game at its maximum. Even though he didn’t reply saying these are things they are aiming for in Borderlands 3, he can’t be talking about another project.

Having a massive always-online world on Borderlands 3 would mean that all players would have to get simplified and rare loot, which kind of takes away half the fun of the game. Borderlands is famous for its massive stacks of loot and its variety of weapons, so minimizing it for online players would be a bit “misplay” from Gearbox’s side.

Gearbox is testing new mechanics for Borderlands 3 and tries to implement a more adult script and sense of humor. This is, after all, what Borderlands is loved about.

The development of Borderlands 3 was confirmed in September by the company, and they announced that 90% of its staff was working on this new project. Some hours later, Randy Pitchford also tweeted about a job opening in Gearbox, this time for the writer place, some months after Mikey Neumann left Gearbox. The job description reads:

“Gearbox is looking for someone to join the writing team for an unannounced AAA FPS/RPG hybrid with strong characters and central narrative thread. Responsibilities will include writing dialogue for voice-over and in-game text for missions, flavor and user interfaces. A love for comedy writing with respect to a serious underlying plot is helpful.”

Given the fact that the job is about an FPS-RPG hybrid, he could definitely mean Borderlands 3. Also the fact the requirements want a person with “love for comedy” makes that suspicion even stronger. Is this a job opening for the upcoming Borderlands 3 or maybe a new Duke Nukem title?