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PUBG PC 1.0 Launch Build Testing Announced, New Content and Features Arrive Soon

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still looking at a full launch on Steam before the end of the year, around which it is also expected to arrive on Xbox One through the Xbox Insider Program.

In the wake of several technical and online issues that the community has been facing in recent months, a bit of concern has been shown regarding whether or not the two releases will have to be delayed. According to the development team, there will be no such happening.

Posting on the official Steam Community page of the game, PUBG Corp. shared its launch plans for both platforms and the fact that it is working around the clock to assure fulfilment of its promises.

The current focus is on finalizing optimizations and technical improvements for stability. However, the developer has no plans to release these updates on the live servers. They are being tested internally and will arrive alongside the PC 1.0 version sometime at the end of the year when the game officially releases.

Upcoming features and content such as the much-awaited vaulting and climbing mechanics, the new desert map, new vehicles and weapons, and replay functionality are also being tested internally. Unlike the optimizations and technical improvements, the features and content need to be tested on a large scale before being deployed on the live servers. It is why they will soon hit the test servers for the community to provide feedback.

“As we would like to go through rigorous testing to prepare for official launch, we will not be updating new content to live servers and run test servers for a longer period of time instead,” the developer stated.

Note that the public testing will be conducted in three phases, each of which will last from two to four weeks. The vaulting and climbing mechanics will arrive first early next month, followed by other new features and then the new map in the end.

More details regarding the road-map for the PC 1.0 launch of PUBG will be shared in the coming weeks.