Ninja Grandmaster Zeku Announced for Street Fighter V

The final character to conclude the second season of Street Fighter V has now been revealed, paving way for a potential third season to begin sometime next year.

Zeku is ninja grandmaster who previously helped Guy in his training to become a seasoned warrior. He has a range of special attacks that may surprise opponents with their precision. He can disappear in a trail of smoke, come from behind his opponent, drop high-flying kicks, and utilize several overhead options; most of which lead into a command grab.

Zeku seems to have two different stances that he can transition between during fights. The second one shows him much younger than his regular version, very similar to Strider Hiryu. It may also be that the second stance is simply a visual change that accompanies his alternate costume. That being said, Zeku seems more nimble with increased movement speed in his second stance. We will know more when Capcom releases more information in the coming days.

The announcement of Zeku arrived during the South East Asia Major (SEAM 2017) on the weekend, one of the largest fighting game events in the region, to host the regional finals for the Capcom Pro Tour and Tekken World Tour. He was already rumored strongly in the past to be part of the playable roster. Hence, his reveal comes with less surprise.

Zeku is scheduled to be release on October 24 for Street Fighter V. He will naturally be part of the current season pass, and of the recently announced Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for early next year.