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BioWare is Extremely Happy With Anthem’s Story, But What’s Gandhi Doing in Anthem?

Announced back at E3 2017, Anthem is EA’s new sci-fi RPG that is aiming to fill the shoes of Mass Effect. The gameplay we saw at E3 is pretty promising but the main storyline is clouded with mystery for the time being.

However, we may get to see something soon in terms of its storyline and get an idea what the heck is going on. According to a series of Tweets from BioWare developers, they recently had a milestone review of the game and the staff is pretty happy with the quality of the game’s story and gameplay.

Seeing how they made bold claims with Mass Effect Andromeda, it is best to be cautiously optimistic about this one.

One of the developers also shared a Tweet which showed none other than Gandhi. It would have been interesting to have a futuristic Gandhi in Anthem but sadly yet fortunately what is not the case.

More about Anthem is expected to be shared soon; In fact, there is supposed to be a beta for the game before its release that will allow players to get a taste of things to come. The beta was confirmed via a Twitter exchange between a fan and Jonathan Warner, the game’s director, where Warner confirmed that there would be a beta for the game and that it wouldn’t be like Andromeda and its own lack of a beta.

Considering Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t have a beta, and had a large number of glitches and modeling issues that made it to the release build of the game, the fact that BioWare’s Anthem will have a beta will hopefully allow the game to be fixed up before it releases for real, especially if there’s also a danger that it would end up like Andromeda.

Anthem is releasing sometime next year on Xbox One X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.