AGESA To Support Raven Ridge APUs, Says Asus Employee

AMD has announced the AGESA This is basically the BIOS code on how AMD motherboard operates with Ryzen and Threadripper processors. The main build that’s live currently is a and it has many revisions with bugs.

Overclocker and Asus employee Elmor warned of the possibility of more bugs for some time after the update. AGESA comes with support for Raven Ridge APUs. The bios structure has been entirely changed by AMD so this will increase a lot of bugs. Testing and revising will take more time.

Good news is that the new BIOS version supports Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge APUs. The forth coming processors of AMD. Also the cold boot fix will be implemented as soon as the new AGESA version arrives.

Cold boot is a general process of starting the hardware components of the PC without the need to interrupt the power. Apparently AMD motherboards have such bugs in their BIOS that are meant to be fixed with AGESA

The extended CPU and APU support on the platform will not only cause new bugs but will also result in a significant delay before end-user firmware updates are made available. Manufacturers will also need to work harder to implement new changes and find and fix as many bugs as possible prior to the firmware release.

AGESA  is supplied to motherboard manufacturers for inclusion in firmware updates, these are designed to modify motherboard chipset and APU/CPU operations. Previous patches also include FMA3 hard-crash fixes in Zen CPUs and improved memory performance and compatibility.

Elmor is involved with ASUS ROG team and told the AGESA will support the upcoming Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge APUs. This pretty much means what AGESA will see a massive overhaul but it is yet to be seen how much improvements users will get. The release date hasn’t been announced it.