The Evil Within 2 Something Not Quite Right Walkthrough Guide – Exploring Sebastian’s Room, Finding Mobius Team Members in STEM

This mission will continue where the previous mission – Into the Flame – left off. This The Evil Within 2 Something Not Quite Right Walkthrough Guide will give you all of the details on how you can move through the mission with ease so you do not get stuck anywhere in the middle.

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The Evil Within 2 Something Not Quite Right Walkthrough Guide

In our The Evil Within 2 Something Not Quite Right Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed all that you need to know about completing the mission that requires you to explore Sebastian’s Room followed by looking for Mobius team members within the STEM.

The Evil Within 2 Something Not Quite Right Walkthrough

Explore Sebastian’s Room

Remember to read up on all five of the Mobius Team posters for information on them. After this, explore the rest of Sebastian’s room by exiting the office via the door and approaching the desk to view the slide. Now talk to Kidman to trigger a conversation and then grab the green gel before moving on to the next room.

In the next room, find the save terminal to save your game and then approach the mirror to investigate it. This way you will travel through the looking glass to a new location where you will begin your search for the Mobius Team and Lily.

Searching for the Mobius Team

After you have experienced the flashback, open the door and enter the hall that lies beyond. Move through the hall to the last wall and approach the door to notice that it has been morphed behind you. Open this door and enter it to step into the hallway of the suite.

Toggle your flashlight and then follow the hallway to the corner and open the blue door. You will find William Baker here who is frozen in the moment where he was shot. You can investigate the camera and Baker to get into a time warp.

When in the time warp, move to the darkroom lit by reddish bulbs and take a photo of the sink. Now turn right to move to the storeroom and go between the gap in the two shelves, then press investigate. After this, operate the shelf to the right so that a passage is opened up.

Follow the new passage to the right and then into the staircase. Answer the payphone that rings followed by heading to the room 103 which is marked as “Manuela Ruberto”. You will find you cannot enter the room so you need to climb the staircase to the next floor where you can find a collectible next to the door of room 203.

After this, duck under the half-raised gate and get to the glass doors on your left. After this move to the next floor. On the third floor, you will see a figure in a chair who is bound but will disappear when you get near.

Move to the door with the nameplate “Damien Karr” and then find your way to another set of doors. Enter the hall behind them and watch the cutscene. Hide behind the sofa after the cutscene to avoid the man until he exits.

After the killer leaves, examine the dead body before you move out and notice you are back on the first floor. Head right and open the door marked as 103 and find a photograph before heading on to the staircase foyer and moving on to the next floor.

Follow the man on the second floor down the hall and get to the third floor where you can investigate the sculpture. After this, head to the elevator door on the right and operate it to enter the basement.

In the basement, move through the hole on your left and get to the impaled corpses where you will experience a lot of strange events. After they occur, open the door that you see and then go to the mirror to experience the cutscene. Now you will need to escape the monster known as “The Guardian”. Hold the sprint button and hop over the low gate to enter the exit door.

In the next room, move left and climb the ladder to enter the duct. Follow the duct until you get to the escape vent and drop to the next corridor. The guardian will now catch up and stab you, tap the struggle button as soon as it appears to fend off the monster. After this, you will experience a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you find yourself in an abandoned house. Move through the room and down the hall to the living area. Use the medical syringe that you find to increase your health. You will also find a handgun in the house as you move through it. After which you will call Kidman and report.

Now, head down the road to investigate the car crashed into the pole after which you will continue down the road and witness a long cutscene. At the end of the scene, shoot the woman quickly and investigate the corpse to get some gunpowder.

Now continue towards the Safehouse marked on your communicator. As you move towards it, you will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, wait behind a car until the lost turns its head back and move towards the Mobius Operative.

Remember to kill the Lost in the car park and extract some green gel from him, do the same for the Lost in the Safe House entry stairs. You need to repeatedly tap the Shove button to open the door.

In the house, enter the bathroom to get the syringe before heading back down the hallway to the staircase which leads to a door. This is where a long cutscene will occur after which you will be asked to choose one out of the four line of questioning. This is where the chapter ends and the next chapter is triggered.

That is all we have for our The Evil Within 2 Something Not Quite Right Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!