The Evil Within 2 Crafting Guide – How to Craft, Crafting Materials, Crafting Recipes, Weapons Upgrades, Field Crafting, How to

Crafting has always been an interesting mechanic. If used correctly, it can elevate a game to a legend status as it did with games such as Minecraft and Rust, each in their own respective genres. The Evil Within 2 also has a good crafting system which can be put to good use. This The Evil Within 2 Crafting Guide will tell you how you can utilize the crafting system of the game for its maximum effect.

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The Evil Within 2 Crafting Guide

The Evil Within 2 Crafting Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Crafting, Crafting Components, and more.

The Evil Within 2 Crafting

Your Workbench is responsible for crafting and can be used to fashion ammo for each and every weapon in your inventory. It can also create bolts for your Warden Crossbow, medical syringes, and kits from healing herbs that you have collected. Remember that all ammo except the Harpoon Bolt require Gunpowder so you should try to find as much gunpowder as you can while exploring.

The Evil Within 2 Weapons Upgrade

The weapons that you find in the game can be upgraded to fight other enemies later on, as the enemies in the game get progressively stronger through the later stages. You have the option to upgrade each weapon’s Firepower, Ammo Capacity, Fire Rate and Reload Time up to a certain amount of advanced and upgraded weapon parts. However, remember that you need high-grade weapon parts to unlock higher level enhancements.

Try to boost your handgun’s firepower. This way you will be able to kill enemies with just a couple of headshots. The critical 1 upgrade is also very beneficial for you so remember that. After this try to upgrade its Ammo Capacity, Reload Time and lastly the Fire Rate.

When you get the Sawed-Off Shotgun, boost its Firepower first. Then upgrade its fire rate as it will allow you to focus on multiple enemies at once and lastly its ammo capacity. The Sniper Rifle does not require a lot of weapon upgrades so you should try to upgrade your combat skills to decrease your weapon sway when using the scope.

Field Crafting

You can also upgrade other things. You can replenish your ammo in the middle of fights without going to a workbench. The component cost of field crafting is much more expensive so you should only utilize these in an emergency situation.

Crafting Components

Used for all ammo items and crossbow bolts except the Harpoon Bolt.

Used to craft health and recovery items.

Used for Shock Bolt.

Metal Pipe
Necessary for Harpoon Bolt.

Smoke Powder
Used for crafting Smoke Bolt.

Used for crafting Explosive Bolt.

Used for crafting Freeze Bolt

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