TellTale Games: An Insight On What’s Coming For 2018

Telltale Games held its own conference in July this year, elaborated the projects they’ve undertaken, their experience with it and some hints of future plans. Telltale Games creative communications head Job Stauffer, gave an interview in which he discussed in detail on what are the future prospects of the company.

He said that the company took queues from Nintendo, now Telltale Games have so many fans coming from all directions, for different franchises be it, Borderlands, The Batman, Minecraft the story mode, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wolf Among Us etc.

He added that they’re on every major platform and that fans recognize the format on how they do their projects. For the coming year, they want to enhance the boundaries of how they do things. Take on new projects from popular TV shows.

Telltale Games has its own unique way of storytelling with well-written characters with depth, plot twists, quick time events, multiple choices for multiple endings. This is something Telltale prides itself in doing well.

telltale medley

They also talked about how fans might mistake all the games to play with the same format, but that’s not true. It’s like FIFA and LEGO titles; how every year, a franchise improves over time. They add a different flavor to the gameplay of each series.

They also think about going VR with the Wolf Among Us series and they also announced a second season for the franchise for the next year.

Stauffer did mention that they’ve yet to really tackle a romantic comedy, something on the lighter side. Or even an adult drama something like The Big Chill.

Stauffer tells us that the 2018 line-up, including The Walking Dead Season 4 and The Wolf Among Us Season 2, will offer a change in the format that has made the studio famous – and not just in how the games are played.

Telltale Games is expected to make bigger bolder changes as mentioned by Stauffer in the interview, the coming year will include exciting new titles and fans can expect a lot of variety in the content as well. For more on Telltale Games keep following SegmentNext.